Trampoline Levels

Does your child love jumping on trampolines? Why not learn some cool skills along the way?

Trampoline level1 and 2

5 - 10 years

Focusing specifically on the trampoline discipline, this class will teach the fundamental shapes and landings required to perform more advanced skills safely, as well as starting to learn front and back somersaults.

Class Info: 1 hour, once a week / Co-ed / Graduation from All in 1 Gym Fun or some prior experience required / For quicker skill development 2 x lessons a week is recommended / option to add a gymnastics lesson one day a week

Interclub Tramp/Tumbling

9 - 16 years

This class is for athletes who have mastered the basic shapes and landings and are now learning more advanced skills and somersaults. Athletes will also learn to link somersaults together and have the option to compete at interclub competitions. 

Class Info: 2 hour class, twice a week / Co-ed / Graduation from Tramp Skills or prior experience required