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Are you looking for a challenging, fun and safe sport for your daughter to turn herself upside down, rather than your house?

Women's Artistic Gymnastics is the perfect sport to teach your daughter co-ordination and confidence, develop creativity and contribute to her general health and fitness.

Women's Artistic Gymnastics:

- Enhances co-ordination and agility, for body awareness and balance

- Develops posture and confident body movement, including the ability to land safely

- Enhances creativity and builds self-confidence, for sport and life

- Develops strength and flexibility, for life's constant challenges

- Develops healthy minds and bodies for now and later life

Give your daughter the right start in life. Let her experience Women's Artistic Gymnastics and watch her grow into a happy, healthy and responsible young adult.


Are you looking for a safe and fun sport that will have your child reaching for new heights?

Trampoline Sports is the perfect sport to teach your child safe and developmentally sound aerial skills, whilst also developing co-ordination and body awareness.

Trampoline Gymnastics:

- Develops confident body movement, both on and off the ground

- Builds strength and prepares the body for challenges in life

- Challenges the mind and body to reach new goals

- Develops posture and agility, including the ability to land safely

- Is conducted in safely equipped environments with accredited coaches

Give your child the right start in life. Let them experience Trampoline Sports and watch them bounce their way to a happier, healthier life.


KinderGym Australia is Gymnastics Australia's movement program for children aged five years and under.

One of the great things about a KinderGym Australia program is that parents or carers, can share in their child's wonderful adventures. Adults are encouraged to accompany their child throughout each lesson to support their learning and have fun together.

The KinderGym Australia program will be guided by an Accredited Leader to ensure that the equipment set-ups are safe, stimulating and provide endless movement opportunities for each child to play and learn. KinderGym will assist your child in development and co-ordination, confidence and self-esteem.

Educational research tells us that children learn best through exploring and discovering their abilities through physical activitiy. Gymnastics Australia's KinderGym program ensures infants can experience a wide range of movement activities and be encouraged to think, create, construct and solve problems with their own bodies.


These classes cater for gymnasts from 16 years up and the difficulty is tailored to the individual's ability. You are never too old to have a try. ​


The first part of the session is spent on a warm-up including strength, flexibility and basics, then the gymnasts nominate their preferred activity for the rest of the time. Coaches are constantly working and trying to get the best from each participant so you are guaranteed to learn new skills and find muscles that you never thought you had!


So if you are an ex-gymnast or have never done gymnastics but always wanted to be able to do a somersault or cartwheel, or you simply want to get fit and have a six pack then come along and have a go. 

 Gymnastics For All Ages 

As soon as you can walkyou can join the fun!

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